Barbecue, A Bakery, Asian Cuisine & Surf & Turf In Grand Prairie TX

I’m back to tell you about four more great restaurants in Grand Prairie TX. The first one is actually a bakery, and you know you’re going to love a visit there. The other three are regular restaurants, and you will enjoy those, too. Here are the four picks this time around for great places to enjoy some food in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Barbara’s Cake & Cookie Boutique is the bakery that I mentioned, and boy does this place have some decadent treats. Located at 421 West Main Street, Barbara’s Cake & Boutique serves up a great banana nut loaf according to reviews. You can order up birthday cakes there, and you can find all kinds of delicious goodies. No matter where you decide to eat, you might want to stop by this bakery for dessert.

Eddie Deen’s Crossroads Smokehouse is located at 1004 North Collins Street, and the brisket sandwich is said to be one of the menu favorites. Some people say that Eddie Deen’s Crossroads Smokehouse has the best barbecue in town. You’re going to have to try it out to see what you think. I mentioned some other barbecue restaurants in Grand Prairie in other articles, but you don’t want to leave this one off the list.

Do you like Asian cuisine? Simply Asia is one of the top restaurants is one of the top-ranked restaurants in Grand Prairie, and its location is 3950 South Carrier Parkway. You can order up great Thai food there, and the sushi is said to be delicious, too. If you’re a vegetarian, this place is said to be a good pick for sure. If it’s time for some Thai food or some Asian cuisine in general, Simply Asia is a great place to enjoy a meal.

Joe Pool Lake is a great place to visit in Grand Prairie. There is a restaurant there called The Oasis. So you can do two things at once if you stop by this dining establishment. Its specific location is 5700 Lake Ridge Parkway, and seafood and steak are on the menu highlights. You can also catch live music at certain times, and there is always a great view.

You’ve got a bakery to visit, Asian cuisine, surf and turf and barbecue to order up with this round of Grand Prairie TX restaurants. What’s it going to be? Dine on delicious food as you visit one of these top restaurants in GP.